09.10.06 - Hello and welcome... some of you may have been here before and for some of you this may be your first time. This is the (former) Dawson's Rejects band site. Look around, read up on where the guys are, download all the songs, watch some videos and even buy some of our old merchandise. Just sit back and remember the good old days. I've got a few links that I haven't had time to make button for yet so be sure to check these out.

Photo Gallery Here is a little photo gallery I created of past shows... More pictures will be coming soon, I just need to scan them first.
Dawson's Rejects Myspace Page Pretty self explanatory, click here for our myspace page.

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Brad Benefield
I recently graduated college from UCO in Edmond OK as a Graphic Design major. I have been in a relationship with a lovely young woman for the past three years. I have to thank her for helping me get where I am today... I am not the most studious person and she has given me the inspiration to get this far. School has pretty much taken the majority of my life over the past four years, now that it is over, I don't really know what else to do. I still drum on my Orange County's but just for fun with the iPod and headphones. Check out my Myspace page here.

Aaron Simpkins
Aaron has been pretty busy since the band split. He went to the Coast Guard and became a Reservist here in OKC. He then completed his Realtors class and does work for Century 21 when he's not working his full time job at Dell. On top of all of that, Aaron just got married to a very nice young lady named Julie a couple of months ago. Check out Aaron's Myspace page here.

Paul Cook
Paul went crazy and became an official Texan. He graduated a year ago from Dallas Christian College with a Music Ministries degree. Paul is currently working for a church in Texas doing a lot of music and youth type activities. Paul just got married this past spring to a very nice young woman named Stephanie. Paul currently does not have a Myspace page.

Kenny Lankford
Kenny is doing pretty good, we have hung out quite a bit over the past few months. Kenny is working trim carpentry with Joe. I know I have said it before but I'm going to let him update this because I can't think of anything else to say. Check out K's Myspace page here.

Joe Dodril
I probably spelled his name wrong, I never could figure it out. I really don't know what Joe has been up to lately besides working with K. Plus, to my knowledge he does not have a myspace page so I can't give you a link. Joe was playing in Minority Whip and Stealing Utah with Kenny, but I don't know what is going on with either of those bands. Joe did build a really nice music studio so if anyone is looking for someone to do some recording, maybe you should look in to it.
Here is every song ever recorded by the band. All files are the highest quality mp3 I could get.
16 Candles (3.6 mb)
Another Day (2.7 mb)
Breaking (4.8 mb)
Buried Alive (6.3 mb)
Cara's Song (6.5 mb)
Every Girl (4.9 mb)
I Forget (5.1 mb)
In the Secret (6.1 mb)
Indian Princess (4 mb)
Kansas (5.6 mb)
Save Me (6.1 mb)
Song 5 (3.6 mb)
Sorry (4.4 mb)

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Here are a few videos we have gathered. Most of these are mpegs but a couple might be mpg4's. If you can't get the video's to work, try downloading the latest version of quicktime for your computer.

Kansas Music Video (7.62 mb)
Beautiful (424 kb)
Brad Mess Up (344 kb)
Breaking Recording (344 kb)
Dumb Question (342 kb)
Kenny Singing (952 kb)
Mic Test (343 kb)
16 Candles
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday baby
Oh I love you so

16 candles make a lovely light
But not as bright
As your eyes tonight

Blow out your candles
Make your wish come true
For I'll be wishing that you love me too

Oh you're only sixteen
But you're my teenage queen
You're the prettiest, the loveliest girl
I've ever seen

16 candles
And my heart will glow
Forever and ever
For I love you so

Oh you're only sixteen (16 candles)
But you're my teenage queen (16 candles)
You're the prettiest, the loveliest girl
I've ever seen (16 candles, candles, candles)

13 candles, 14 candles, 15 candles, 16 candles

Oh I love you so

Another day
Today at work I swept the floor and thought of you
Thought about all the times you left me feeling sad and blue
But for all the times it hurt too good, you left me feeling oh so bad
Those times with you were the worst I had

This morning woke up and tried my best not to think of you
Not to think about all the things we never say and never do
But for all the times we've never had, you left me feeling oh so mad
Because those times with you they weren't that bad

Today it broke my heart for me just to think of you
To think about all the dreams I had for us that weren't coming true
I thank God for the times we've had but they leave me oh so sad
Those times with you were the best I had, those times with you were the best I had

So it’s my fault again and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong
Is it my pride that maintains this silence
And what’s that sound that sounds like breaking
Another night to be the bad guy why is this my fault
This is not what I intended another night when I end up alone

Too many conversations that I’m having with myself
Questions that you just can’t answer
Why do I even bother sometimes
I don’t want it to be my fault, tired of guessing what I’ve done
But this pride still maintains my silence
And still I hear a sound like breaking

Is this what I want
Is this what I asked for
Please God help me do the right thing

I care about you way too much to do this all again
To try and act like nothing's wrong
When both of us are dying inside
Problems that we just can't hide are coming up again
I'd do anything to see you smile but all I see tonight is breaking

Buried Alive
When I go down to die and I place my soul in Your hands
I pray that my life contained more
Than wrong turns, missed shots, and dead ends

But I know that my life can mean more with You

And when my body grows cold and the Earth has covered my eyes
I'll rest easy knowing that You've promised never to leave my side

But I know that my life will not end in you

And through this pouring rain
I cry out in vain
How could I have known

Could I have known

Cara's Song
You said you'd call me back but I know you won't
I wanna tell you that I love you but I don't
And when you break my heart again
When you make out with my friends
You're still the only one for me

I'm sick of all the stupid screwed up games
Of all the stupid times they've ended up the same
So what I'm trying to tell you is basically we're through
Cara I don't need you

Cara why did you hurt me
I caught you checking out that guy
Cara why did you do this
I just wish that you would die

Every Girl
Another night has passed again
and I'm sitting here alone
But that's okay with me
since it's all I've ever known
See I was once like you
thinking true love might be true
And then you realize that the girl of your dreams
Aint dreamin of you

You wouldn't like me
cause I won't treat you bad
In fact the times we'll never share
Might have been the best you'll never have
And I know I'm not your type
because I'm not a jerk
And your only interests lie
In relationships you know won't work

So would you know me
Would you know me at all
If I wan't always there
To see you when you fall

Why does it hurt me
to see you hurt yourself
Well not this time
And I refuse to be
the one left here alone

I know you hate me
Cause I'll never make you cry
And I'll never get the chance
To wipe away all your tears from your eyes

I Forget
Laying there in bed his arms around her
He thinks of just how young is seventeen
He knows it isn't right
How did last night go wrong
He wonders if he'll ever feel the same

Six months later he's out there all alone
Standing underneath a moonlit sky
No one is around
To see as he falls down
Or hear him as he starts to cry

And he says
I forget how it feels to be clean sometimes
I forget how it feels to feel anything but cold inside

Late night he's alone watching TV
He flips the channel
Sees something he shouldn't see
He knows it isn't right
But he can't seem to care tonight
As loneliness prevails

Two weeks later his late night sin has
Become a habit
He just can't seem to break
His thoughts have become acts
And now he can't take back
All the pain his lust has brought into his heart

Help me to remember
How it feels to know You care
How it feels to know You'll always be there for me
Even when I can't be there for You
How it feels to know You love
How it feels to know You'd do anything for me
And I'll never be alone

Indian Princess
First time I saw you
You were at Disney Land
That's when it happened
Some thing I had not planned

I fell in love with you and now I can't seem to sleep at night
Without you there by my side it's not right
I know a guy like me
Wouldn't stand a chance with a girl like you
But you're the one for me no other will do

Pocahontas (I want you)
Pocahontas (I need you)
Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

And I know that I probably never will be
The John Smith you want me to be
But if the day should come
When you should ever start to doubt my love
Well then I swear by the stars up above

In the Secret
In the secret, in the quiet place
In the stillness You are there
In the secret, in the quiet hour I wait
Only for You
Cause I want to know you more

I want to know You
I want to hear Your voice
I want to know You more
I want to touch You
I want to see Your face
I want to know You more

I am reaching for the highest place
That I might receive the prize
Pushing onward, pushing every hindrance aside
Out of my way
Cause I want to know You more

You never said You were leaving me
But last time I checked You weren't around
You said that You'd always be near
Where were You when I needed You
But You've gone away and left me here on my own

I never thought that I needed You
I thought I could do this on my own
I've never felt so far from You
Felt so alone, alone in all my life

But You've gone away and left me here on my own
I have no hope if not in You
No way to make it through this life
How can You love someone like me
When I have turned my back on You

But I call to You and You answer me proving that You
were here all along
All along

Save Me
Looking through this dirty window I see the snow so clear
And part of me believes it can’t be colder out there than it is in here
Now I see reflections in the window better things I used to be
And then I’m face to face with eyes that were once bright enough to see

So God save me from me
Take me back where I used to be
God save me from me
Give me back eyes bright enough to see

Well I’m sick of life through dirty windows of seeing things unclear
Never really understanding what has brought me here
No more reflections in the window better things that I will be
There’s nothing left to say but thanks for saving me

Song 5
I never asked for something more for me
Than to live my life and to be happy
I don't need some complicated life
Just friends and brothers by my side

The conditions you have don't apply to me
A vision of my future I can see
A small existence is all I need
Because my simple life will set me free

I never asked for any more to be
To have someone to love and know that they love me
We'll grow old together and die happy
Just knowing you're with me

I never asked for any more than this
Than to have a shining prayer that I don't miss
Just tryin to make it by and do some right
And keep on being me

Having money and riches abound
Don't mean a thing when you're six feet down
Long ago I dropped out of that race
For a life that leads to a better place (a better place)

I’m sorry I didn’t write you everyday
Sorry for not knowing the right words to say
Sorry that I treated you like I have before
Sorry for forgetting that you deserve more
But I’ve come to my senses I’ve opened my eyes
I love you I need you and now I realize that

I need you more than I did yesterday
I can’t turn my back on won't leave things this way

I’m sorry I never had this ending in mind
Sorry for discussions we’ve had that weren’t kind
Sorry for every tear that you shed just for me
Cause the way things are now isn’t how I wanted them to be
I owe you a debt I can never repay
A true gift from God and there’s, there's nothing left to say but...
"Let's Play Rock Star"
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Kenny Lankford: kenny@dawsonsrejects.com
Joe Dodril: ?

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